That racist chick from ASU who went viral yesterday? She wasn't an undergrad... she was a Ford Fellow

because of course she was

If you were online yesterday, odds are that you saw this 2 minute clip of a woman freaking out on Arizona State University (ASU) campus. It was covered by Tucker Carlson, Newsweek, The Post Millenial, EJMR, and received untold millions of views across Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook:

Wow. Screaming at a stranger in the library because you don’t like his sticker. What a terrible person. Side note: these harpies are surely the exact same people demanding that you "trust the science" on Covid.

As luck would have it, my article about the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program also went viral yesterday:

My first reaction upon seeing the ASU video was to shrug it off — another immature, overzealous, brainwashed, 18 year-old freshman who is parroting woke buzzword gumbo. Yawn, just a kid. I was content to leave it alone. She is much too dumb to be held responsible for her actions, and besides, she was probably stressed out over exams or boys or something.

Alas, the twitter mob was not willing to leave it alone. They exposed her as Sarra Tekola, PhD student in Sustainability at ASU. I was shocked and horrified to learn that she was, in fact, already grown up! Judging by her LinkedIn profile she is pushing 30, and therefore ostensibly possesses a fully developed frontal cortex. I was all of a sudden punching sideways, not punching down. Her LinkedIn also reveals an interesting link:

Yes — Sarra is a “Fordie.” When I discovered this I had no choice but to write a new Substack article. It is just too perfect. For context please see my article from 2 days ago where I spend 3500 words ranting about the cancerous impact of Fordies on society. This article that you are reading now is simply a 700 word cherry on top; a serendipitous example to illustrate my point. This ASU incident is a perfect microcosm of how the Ford Foundation is bullying society. This is how they operate. The notion of “classical liberalism” in academia is dead, and the Ford Foundation killed it.

How did the ASU administration react to this video going viral? With a mealy-mouthed press release, of course:

I read this as ASU not taking sides until the whole thing blows over and hopefully goes away on its own. Typical bureaucratic cowardice. How many Deans do you think it took to write this statement? 10? 20? It was such a softball — just condemn segregation! — and yet they somehow managed to butcher it completely. With a straight face, they called this video a simple “difference of opinions.” A difference of opinions? Do they not realize we can watch the video? Everyone can plainly see it is one-sided bullying. Can you imagine a scenario in which 2 white guys filmed a black girl and aggressively shouted at her to get out of their racial space? They would be locked up for a hate crime that very afternoon! If the roles were reversed the boys would already be expelled.

For this “difference of opinions” statement, ASU were savagely “ratio’d” on twitter, receiving ~1,900 comments and a paltry 139 likes. I cannot wait to see how they react next, surely they will only dig the hole deeper. It will be hilarious to watch them twisting into knots trying try to explain why it’s okay for one racial group to act like this, and not the other. Why don’t rules apply to certain folks?

The bigger story than a here than just another viral hissy fit is ASU's support for this type of histrionics. To me, it is a clear example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. Sarra should be held to the same standards as any other gender or race, yet she will not be. You are kidding yourself if you think any paper-pushing admin would make an example out of a few hysterical DMV ladies in training. Ain’t happening. Zero consequences. It is attitudes like this that embolden & reinforce this radical behavior. Nothing to see here!

The Ford Foundation enables and funds this crap: their core mission is to ensure that every nook and cranny of the formal education and academic apparatus is infested with it. If ASU is like this, imagine what the liberal arts colleges and Berkeleys of the world are like. It won’t stop until the next GOP president uses the tax code to crush not-for-profit behemoths. This is the same conclusion of my first article: tax these foundations, hit them where it counts.

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